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Published On July 27, 2017 | By admin | Technology

Flybarless v450D03 Helicopter

The Flybarless Walkera V450D03 Helicopter has been made with good quality materials and comprises of a 6 axis gyro, a brushless motor and a digital gear servo made of metal. The material of the body is made up of carbon fibre which increases the performance due to its lightweight and durable properties. It hovers into the air within seconds and offers the helicopter with an agile movement which is more direct. THe present trend of making durable plastic using composite materials have made use of plastics more wide ranged. As the rotor head and the tail is assembled properly with zero gaps, we can see the precise flying speed of the helicopter.

Features and Benefits of Walkera Helicopter

  • Assembly

The set is pre assembled and can be started to use immediately after it is unpacked.

  • Remote Control

The helicopter is tested to perform smoothly and for the features offered it is a low price remote controlled helicopter.

  • Flybarless Rotor

The battery lifetime can be saved depending on the behaviour if the flight due to the flybarless rotor head motor which brings about less movement.

  • Movement

The material with which it is made makes the helicopter lighter and hence increases performance due to its agile movements.

  • Material Improvisation

The quality of the tail holding by checking the tail pusher. Walkera has improvises on the plastic.

  • Organised Structure

The mechanism of the helicopter is neat and easy to understand. The  assembly has been dine on an organized basis.

  • Frequency Transmission

The helicopter is provided with a 2.45GHz offers long transmission and less interference of waves for a stable transmission of radio waves across the medium. This will enable the helicopters to read the signals together at the same time avoiding interference as a problem factor.

  • Devo 7

The helicopter is provided with a remote controlled device which controls the movements of the helicopter and can also determine the direction. Devo7 is integrated with core technology providing with a high performance.

  • LightWeight

V450D03 Helicopter is good for the outdoor made with carbon fibre giving the helicopter a good lift and making it lightweight. This increases agility and accuracy.

Product Information

  • The helicopter is provided with a 6 axis flight stabilization main rotor which enables smooth flight. The tail rotor is made of a strong material of 150mm length.
  • 676mm x 115mm x 211mm dimensions.
  • Battery: 11.1V with 2600mAH which is of Li-Po make.
  • Weight of the helicopter is 816g.

Final Verdict

The advanced helicopter system enables a smooth execution of an agile flight mechanism as the aerodynamic errors of the previous model have been focussed upon and changed. Now, this model might be a bit pricy but enable many options and advantages which makes Walkera Helicopter a must try.

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