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Each one of us wants to look good while we go out with our friends or with our colleagues. If you plan to go out with friends you have options like a polo shirt as this type of shirt is more comfortable and makes you look cool. Shirts for men India has such amazing variety that you can easily showcase your amazing style by taking up a variety of options available. So get styled in a way that people can’t resist themselves from complimenting you.

Selecting a perfect shirt

Fit is generally a foundation of good style. But we just think of fitting in terms of garments like suit but we don’t take many considerations about shirts. But to make it clear it is quite important part in shirts for men India. So you have to be sure about the following when you buy one for yourself.

  • Size and tightness

The shirt should neither be too tight on your body nor too baggy. But then again if you have build up a good physique then you can always go on for tighter shirts. In case you carry extra weight then you should rely more on the ones that are loose.

  • Shoulder seams

The seams should meet up exactly where your shoulder ends and not lean down or towards your neck.

  • Sleeves

Sleeves can begin from being half to the ones that are full in length. Full length shirts are generally bought by people for formal use and half sleeves in case of informal use.

  • Shape

Shape of the shirt depends upon the kind of shirt you buy. If you are in search of a t-shirt then you may desire one that follows the shape of your body and doesn’t sag.

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