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CorDEX is the worldwide specialist on the advancement of intrinsically safe thermal imagers, digital cameras and other review instruments. CorDEX instruments are rugged, exact devices for upkeep and estimation in perilous regions where safety is principal, for example, the mining, drilling, and pipeline applications. Engineers, professionals and maintenance managers can be sure that each certified CorDEX device will perform precisely and securely. 247Able offers the brand’s advanced and infrared cameras, IR windows, ultrasonic gages, and other products for exact inspection and estimation.

CordDEX Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera

CorDEX ToughPIX Trident Professional inspectors can likewise take the ToughPIX II Digital Camera into perilous conditions certainly. The CorDEX Toughpix II TP2410XP Trident Edition of this explosion-proof camera captures quality advanced pictures and accompanies an ATEX certification. It’s the ideal accomplice in low light because of an extraordinary LED flash. The TP2410 camera conveys optical zoom, digital zoom, close-up, high definition video, and recording capacities.

CordDEX Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imager

CorDEX TC7000 Heat and issues are recognized quicker with the TC7000 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Cameras. It recognizes basic issues productively with the TC Series of naturally protected and basically indestructible cameras. It’s a certified infrared camera and a rugged, high accuracy device. You’ll have the capacity to capture quality pictures, even in extraordinary conditions. Features of the 7000 IR camera include:
● IP54 Ingress Protection
● Fast, articulating focal point
● Installed RFID tag reader

CorDEX Infrared Windows for IS Inspection

CorDEX IW Series Elevate electrical review and upkeep to a higher standard with the IW Series of SMART infrared Windows from CorDEX. Utilize an IW model with any thermal imager to guarantee security and exactness. The designs reduce review time and features:
● Modern materials that withstand electrical arcs
● UL-accreditation that matches with IR window benchmarks
● Installations that add to NFPA70E safety compliance
● IR Window recognizable proof utilizing RFID, barcodes, or serial numbering

Models, for example, the IW3000, have a crystal lens that is all around ensured for indoor and outside uses. The 3000 can be used amid low, medium and high voltage applications. It is certified to UL50, UL50V, and UL1558.

CorDEX Intrinsically Safe Portable Floodlight

CorDEX FL4725 Designed for an extensive variety of enterprises that work in dark unsafe regions, CorDEX’s GENESIS FL4725 naturally safe work light guarantees you’ll generally have a dependable light source regardless of the environment. The FL475 is controlled by five super-splendid LED lights and creates around 400 lumens of light intensity. The light is versatile, and is affirmed by both ATEX and IECEx for use in perilous zones.

CorDEX Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

CorDEX UT5000, If you need a ultrasonic tester for requesting situations, the UT5000 offers solid innovation in a rugged design. The non-intrusive thickness gage is characteristically safe and highlights CorDEX CONNECT™ for the organization of estimation location data. The UT5000 gage performs in perilous zones, as it quantifies metal thickness amid Non-Destructive Testing and Predictive Maintenance. Engineers can gauge pipeline and fixed equipment thicknesses, recognize diminishing, and accomplish accuracy in uneven surface estimation. Engineers can also use the UT5000 gauge to distinguish issues in touchy situations. Its applications go from storage tanks to dust conveyors. 5000 usefulness delivers:
● Menu choice of material speed
● 1,000-reading memory storage
● Built-in data recording
● Thickness estimations on painted surfaces

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