First-Time Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback

Published On March 30, 2017 | By admin | Technology

It is awesome to hear a voice guiding you and telling you whether the swingyou delivered was wrong or right just like a personal coach. It is an added advantage to hear somebody constantly guiding you throughout your game.

Here’s a great choice to consider if you want to buy a golf swing analyzer with voice feedback:

Advantages of Voice Feedback

The voice feedback function gives you feedback on your swing, which makes it extremely easy for a beginner to analyze his previous swing and correct his mistakes almost instantly. It gives tempo and speed data of your swing byvoice feedback for all your swings. Voice feedback is a very important feature, which can save a lot of time, asthereis no need to stop and see the smart phone display each time in the field.

Bluetooth Enabled Golf Swing Analyzer

Itsupports both Android and iOS devices. The technology is so advanced that without any interruption you can listen to your swing data where ever you want. Without Voice feedback, a lot of time was spent on checking results and data on swings and thereby reducing the actual time of play. This voice swing analyzer gives instant feedback on your tempo and speed of the swing along with the angle position.

Reporting Feature

It analyzes the club speed, movement of shaft, club angle, hand position, club speed and many more such technical aspects of the game. It also has an amazing feature of comparing your swing with that of professionals.This device gives swing analysis in 3D, which gives a clear picture of where the player needs to focus more to improve his swings. The interesting fact is that the whole analysis can be done sitting at home on your smart phone.

How to Use?

To start with it, all you have to do is charge the unit with the USB cable provided. A red led light blinking indicates low battery and when completely charged the light will turns off automatically just like any other electronic device. The next step to be followed is installing the Swing Talk App to your device like android smartphone, iPhone or iPad. Once the pairing is activated and attachment of the device is done to the grip top of the club or the glove and the device starts working.

Once you start your hands-on practice, it automatically tracks the swings, which you can review it later, just by clicking on the option “My Statistics”.You can check all your swings date wise and analyze your swings. Here comes the main advantage of this device as you can see the 3D model of your swing,which you can view from multiple angles and you can also compare your swings to the swing of a professional.It also fits with all kind of clubs like woods, irons, wedges and putters.

The voice feedback is very informative and is very clear. The device is sleek with very light weight around 0.3 oz. It is very useful for PGA Professionals as well as for students.

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