Growing Your Business Via Social Listening

Published On May 5, 2017 | By admin | Internet

Social listening is a great tool for growing your business. Here’s how it can be done.

Are you using Social Real-Time Listening – social real-time listening for English speakers – in growing your business? If not, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. If yes but you aren’t getting the desired results, then you’re missing crucial items in your social listening strategy.

But there’s no need to miss out on the benefits that come with an effective and efficient social media listening strategy! Here are five ways that you can use it for your business’ growth.

#1 Develop Viable Leads

You can uncover new prospects by tracking a wide range of relevant terms, keywords, and hashtags. You will then be able to apply your sales and marketing strategy on these potential customers and, hopefully, encourage them to become loyal buyers.

In order to find previously undiscovered potential customers, you should track keywords that reflect your niche’s relevance. These terms can include common practices, sector issues, and leading figures including influencers and thought leaders. Indeed, finding the right keywords is half the battle won in Social Real-Time Listening.

Once you find your prospects, you should engage them in a meaningful way. These can include:

  • Joining the conversation by providing them with practical answers and insights
  • Giving your opinions about trends and the like
  • Sending links to relevant pages on your website

Just strike a balance between being personal and professional in your approach. Hard-selling isn’t the best way to go about implementing the insights gained in social listening.

Did you know that you can also develop viable leads from the dissatisfied customers of your competitors? You should listen, so to speak, to the negative keywords associated with your competitors. These can include not, can’t, won’t, and doesn’t with the brand, product or service, and name of your competitors.

#2 Learn Their Language

You can also use social listening in learning the language of your target audience, which can include your customers, vendors, and suppliers. You can take a page from the copywriters’ book – effective marketing of products and services involves speaking the language of the audience. This is true in both digital and traditional channels.

The rationale: You’re showing your target audience that you share many important things in common including a common train of thought. In doing so, you can establish better two-way communication with them.

Once you have learned their language, you have another tool in business growth. You can use your skill in:

  • Identifying emerging trends that can affect your own brand
  • Getting feedback on your brand, products and services, as well as getting actionable insights
  • Keeping tabs on industry developments
  • Finding talents for your business

Just like all business tools, a social listening strategy will only be effective in the right hands. You may or may not be able to grow your business depending on the way you use it, aside from using other business tools.

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