How To Get More Followers In Instagram: Let’s Find The Quickest Way

Published On October 1, 2018 | By admin | Technology

Three main points to remember:

  • Firstly learn photography. Don’t think you know taking pictures if you have a camera in hand. There are a lot of basics to learn in photography, and it would hardly take a few weeks to learn them.
  • The second important thing is to learn about lighting. Read the introduction to lighting and Lighting 101 and 102. This will make you get creative about lighting. You will also learn how to use other lights other than natural lights in the best way. Remember always that lights are light, the source of light isn’t important and you can learn more about lights only by manipulating lights.
  • The third most important thing to learn is the photographic composition. Get a few books about it and read. Though it is tougher but as much you can learn out of it will help you in your future. Remember it’s tougher than the above mentioned two points. When you compose, it might be anything, film, paper and pencil or film.

When you are done making the above mentioned three points, you will see that your competence level has increased. Now, it all depends on your intelligence to create the right trending picture as you have all the tools needed at your disposal for making one of the best pictures.

The problem is that you don’t become the best just knowing the basics. It doesn’t matter if you are now best in photography and can take the best pictures, but do your photos influence people, is what matters. Do your photos make people think that you are different and unique and these two words matter the most on Instagram.

The best thing to do is visit a museum. Think about the photos there and think about the time when the pictures were taken and then what made them the difference? Read the master’s books and try to just not read them but think what made them the masters. Look, think why the photographs taken by them are in the museum, but at that same time there would have been many photographers, and many had the same equipment and tools at their disposal or some even better.

Photographs are taken nowadays, every second we don’t know how many pictures are taken around the world, but how many photographs make it become viral. So, let’s try to know a few points that would help you get free Instagram followers:

  • According to your creative input expose yourself. You will learn more if you visit to watch a great movie, their way of making the films; watch a ballet, their way of lighting the stage; and of course read good literature.
  • Being an artist needs art all around you. Make friends who are interesting. Visit art receptions, offer some guys drinks, and then be friends with them. If you are surrounded by creative people, you are going to get creative definitely.

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