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We all want to be famous somehow. But the problem is, most of the many ways key influencers advocate are either tough or so complicated to be followed that they require us to plan a hefty budget. So how do you get more like on Instagram? In just a few minutes, I will be showing you exactly what you need to get more Instagram followers free than ever before on Instagram.

Something you didn’t know about Instagram

Well, Instagram has more than 700 million users who everyday post images, videos and so many other content, with all these following, why does it seem so difficult to get people liking your content and commenting on it? What can you possibly do to get a high following on Instagram? Here is a blueprint of what you should do.

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Grow your following

Well, this is so practical and you have to use it on a daily basis. You have to grow your followers base by attracting highly engaged fans. This is the best and long-term strategy for getting likes on your content and posts.To do this effectively, you have to find a niche that will attract other like-minded people and groups which are interested in the same idea as yours, business, hobby or business.Instagram followers free is actually the best option on the long run.

Like and comment plus follow!

This is one great way to get more like on Instagram. You will have to like, comment and follow on other similar accounts as yours. What this does is that it encourages others to like and follow you back on Instagram.

If you are a business, you can increase your likes by engaging with your competitor’s followers. Take your time and comment something that is worthwhile on an influencers pages.

Your bio must shine

One other great way to grow your likes on Instagram is by making sure that your bio is clear about who you are and what you do. People want to engage with people who are real with themselves and to win likes, it is a principle that you have to keep in mind.

Tag! Tag! And Tag more!

Well, this works all the time. Tag people on your post. Tagging accounts with a large follower base will help your content be seen by more people and therefore this will keep them engaged with your content.


These are the 4 tips that will help you grow your likes on Instagram. They may seem pretty obvious but truth is, they work all the time. If you are to follow these simple tips for the next 7 days, trust me, you will see a major improvement.

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