How to set up a blog?

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Starting a blog or writing a blog is quite an amazing idea and it may give you goose bumps for starting your own blog. As you start writing diary, you can start blogging. The rise of web gives a great opportunity to the bloggers for sharing their thoughts, ideologies and informative points. If you are worrying about how to start a blog, then you must get to know that setting up a blog is quite easy.

You can set up a blog in less than 30 minutes, all you have to do is:

  • Choose your preferred blog platform
  • Choose web hosting
  • Setting up a blog on your own domain
  • Design your blog
  • Useful resources for your blogging

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Preferred blog platform– picking a platform where you can find massive numbers of plug-ins and countless design and layout for your blog is the first step.

Hosting– There are two options for you, you want to pay for your blog or just want to grab a free web. It depends on you whether you want your own domain name and blog or not. You should choose your self-domain.

Own domain– In self hosting blog, you can choose your domain name and hosting company that will host your post. So, domain of the URL of your website can be anything which depends on your choice, and the hosting company, that you will select. It puts your website on the internet so that countless people may see it.

Designing the blog– Don’t judge the book by its covers, you may have heard it but if you have to design your blog, design it in such a way that it could display your content theme. If your blog is about football then you should have football-oriented theme.

Useful resources– There is too much to learn and forget. You should keep it in mind that the need of improvement is required for both beginners and learners. Before entering into the arena, it is better to be prepared and confident.

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