Independent social researchers and crowdfunding for their work

Published On June 13, 2018 | By admin | Technology

To receive funding for social research and research based social projects has always been a struggle for social researchers. Finding alternative means to fund research projects will become essential in the future, to ensure sustainability of the social science space. Crowdfunding India campaigns are primarily known to provide financial support to poor families for medical treatment, or for NGOs and nonprofits, or for the educational sector. It’s only now, as more and more people jump onto the crowdfunding bandwagon, that people are realizing there are no limits to what one can crowdfunding for. Many more Indian entrepreneurs and social enterprises are adopting online fundraising to give their start-up that financial kickstart. That said, crowdfunding for independent research based projects is still a relatively new concept.

Find a community of supporters

Crowdfunding campaigns have the potential to give you much more than just money. When you crowdfund for a given project, you’ll find that the people who give to your cause are people who are interested in the subject you’re researching about. It’s a great platform to meet like-minded people, and eventually even form collaborations to further your current and future project.

Research for university projects

The social sciences and humanities are a very popular subject in Indian education systems. A lot of students chose to opt for it. As a student, you may not have the financial bandwidth to cover a research project in the way that you’d hope for. In such a case, crowdfunding is the perfect solution to fund a university project.

Experimental and practical research

Sometimes, primary research may require significant investment. This may include experimental or practical research projects. Numerous small and large expenses that are associated with such projects can be crowdfunded for on our crowdfunding India website.

Personal financial sustainability

Research projects can take upto day, months, or years of continued dedication on the subject. If, as a researcher, you’re unable to find a source of income to sustain yourself, you can always make an appeal to seek financial help through crowdfunding. People who are interested to know what results your research will yield, are likely to donate to you in such a case.

We must however, tell you that crowdfunding for social research projects isn’t as easy as one might think. Since such projects are not done with the aim to create a tangible benefit or product, convincing people to donate to such a fundraiser will be a difficult feat. That said, our blog covers the most important elements of a crowdfunding campaign. Reading and applying it to your social research projects is sure to bring you success.

If you’re a first-time social research crowdfunder, don’t hesitate to launch a crowdfunding India campaign for your project. Our team will be there to support you through your crowdfunding journey!

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