Key advantages of Zerif pro WordPress theme you should know

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When you look out for a sophisticated WordPress theme for your website, you can have a look at Zerif Pro. This theme appeals to the eyes and is ideal for single-page websites. This theme has been designed by Themelsle and it has gained tremendous popularity among thousands of business firms across the globe. When you create a one-page website, you can incorporate all the desired features when you use this theme. These include a space for long titles, portfolio contents, newsletter section, about us area, product feature space, price table, recent blogs and a call to action area. The theme allows the users to accommodate all the necessary features in a comprehensive manner. Here are the features that make it an outstanding theme for single-page websites.

Customized home page widget

When you integrate Themeisle Zerif theme on your website, you can use customized widgets to store the content. It enables you to incorporate multiple sections, containing specific information on a single page. These widgets help business owners to have a better control of the page generators, control panels, custom fields and short codes.

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Live preview

 You can use the customer live preview widget to get the live preview of your website while customizing it. You can populate your home page using this widget, besides controlling the content through the customizer tool on WordPress.

Contact form

You might find it difficult to integrate a contact form in a single-page website, given that the page contains a variety of information. When you use Zerif as your theme, it enables you to integrate into the site seamlessly. Your visitors will enjoy a seamless experience with all these features united in a single page.

Map area

You may want to include the location of your company in the website. Zerif enables you to include the location in the website in the form of maps. It becomes easy for your customers to locate you when you include this feature in your website.

With all these features, you now have a comprehensive idea of the Zerif Pro theme. You may look for Zerif Download for your website and make it more effective in terms of presentation.

However, you must note that the only drawback of the theme is the lack of customized template for single blog posts. This may diminish its appeal to a certain extent, but it is not a major drawback. It is adaptable to images a width of 800 pixels, which make it ideal for website with high-quality materials.

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