Sky Q Is the Best Thing To Happen To Digital Broadcasting

Published On May 25, 2017 | By admin | TV Aerial

Sky TV has quickly become one of the largest providers of entertainment in the UK. Because of their newer technology, they have experienced a huge growth over the past year. When Sky Television PLC and British Satellite Broadcasting companies merged, the rest was history. Sky TV has been available since 2001, but as of 2016, they have launched the new generation, Sky Q. It seems that most of this country is installing these satellite devices.

Why Sky TV Is Better Than Its Competitors? 

Sky TV is like traditional satellite TV, only better. There are hundreds of various channels that customers can receive. You simply select the package that best works for you and your family’s budget. However, through the Sky Bet system, you can play games, chat, and visit an interactive casino. Why traditional satellite doesn’t allow is for you to send text messages, emails, and make purchases through your TV. If you think that is good enough, wait till you find out what else this system can do.

Satellites can be troublesome to have in multiple rooms. However, with Sky TV, having multiple rooms is easy. Sky satellite installations can be done with ease and you can outfit every room in your home. For those areas that have been told that they cannot have Sky TV, then you need to talk to an expert. Visit this website for more information about installation

Sky Q Is the Rage In The UK

Sky Q comes with a new set-top box, which hooks to the satellite outside. You can store 350 hours of video on the 2-terabyte hard disk drive. Your home can be equipped with 12 tuners, so each room can have its own box and watch different channels at once. The tuners are wireless, which means there is no extensive installation process. Just like your smartphone, these remotes allow you to swipe and tap to enter commands. Forget losing the remote too. These remotes make a beeping noise when you press a button on the main console box. The remote also has voice control options, which is nice for those who cannot see these little buttons.

The Sky Q can be a Wi-Fi hotspot too. It can provide a power line through your home that will supercharge your devices. It is 4K compatible, and the new broadband router will work with your other hardware.

It’s A Better Option for Families Who Are Technologically Advanced!

With more than 10 million-plus existing customers, it is easy to see that Sky TV is one of the best choices for television content in the UK. However, with their addition of the Sky Q package, it takes their offerings to a whole new level. Viewers can now integrate and watch television from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Some say this radical method of rethinking TV is just what they have been hoping for. Best of all, it provides a great high-definition viewing experience that can be enjoyed by all.


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