Some Techniques forSEO That Can Be Helpful

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Providing visibility to a website can enhance its chances of being picked by search engine and showing up on the result. It can be explained by this analogy, in areas where there is incidence of fog and visibility is poor, cat eyes are installed along the road. So, when light is shone on them, they glow and show the way. Similarly, in the sea of information on the web, Good SEO techniques can act as cat’s eyes to show the way.

What is SEO technique

SEO is multi-faceted and there are various methods used to deal with each aspect. It involves using key words appropriately and structuring the website in a way that it is understood by the search engine. It is also important that the website is user friendly and linking that website to other sites with similar information. There are numerous good SEO techniques available and numerous more are emerging day by day but at the heart of those, some basic methods are used. Some of these are described in a simplified way below:


In a library, every book that is present is given a position and its location is recorded. This record is called an index. So, whenever someone wants to search for a book they can go to the index, find its location there and go get it from its book shelf. Similarly, websites get indexed with the search engines which mean they can record their address with various search engines. So, search engine can locate it easily.

Prevent crawling

Whenever a search is carried out it is desirable that only specific information comes up. On a single website or page there can be various chunks of information. Some of them may not even be relevant and need to be prevented from coming up. In order to do that, the website has to be designed in such a way that when the search engine comes to it with a key word it only presents the required information.

Increasing prominence

This simply means most commonly used keywords in search should be incorporated in the website so it shows up in results. Along with this, various pages of the website should be linked in such a fashion that the pages containing relevant keyword information are also presented.

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