The Dos and Don’ts of Beautiful Maternity Photography

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The practice of maternity photos has been a growing trend over the last decade. Women are embracing their changing bodies and want to remember the time they spend with their child before giving birth. Maternity photos are a must for any mother to be. However, there are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to this style of pictures.

Show Your Belly 

The point of these maternity photos is to celebrate the unborn baby, which means showing them off. By baring your belly you can show the miracle of childbearing in a sensitive way. It’s highly suggested that you wait until after your second trimester to get these shots done as your belly will be big at that point. A bigger belly helps to show the maternity phase better.

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Your belly should be all that you show. Don’t strip down and bare it all for your maternity photos as you want to be able to share them with your friends and family. Seeing a pregnant belly is fine, but seeing the girls above it isn’t. If you want to take some naked maternity photos, they should be kept between you and your partner only.

Get Your Partner In The Photo 

Including your partner in your maternity photos is a must. People like to see the whole family together. If you have kids, be sure they get in some of the photos as well. You can see some examples of these types of photos at the Daisy Beatty Photography website.

Realize that people want to see the love between you and your partner. They don’t want to see the hot passion of how you conceived the baby. Keep it sensual. You don’t want to turn it sexual as your friends and family aren’t going to appreciate those types of photos.

Add Some Props To The Shot 

Having just the mother and her belly is great for some shots, but spicing up the rest of the shot with props is a must. There’s really no wrong way to add props to your shot. Some moms wear blue or pink ribbons to indicate the sex of the baby. Others opt for spelling out the unborn baby’s name in letter blocks or other methods. Anything that adds a little extra memory to the picture is a good idea.

Get Some Outdoor Shots 

Pregnancy is the ultimate form of the power of the natural existence of the human race. By including nature in your photography session you can help bring that naturalist power to the forefront of your pictures. The woods, grass, or a flower-filled field can do wonders to bring your photos to life. Your photographer should be able to suggest good locations for your photo shoot to take place.

If you are currently pregnant, maternity photos are a must. These keepsake memories will allow you to remember the beauty of your pregnancy days and allow your family as well as friends to see your changes. We encourage you to follow the dos and don’ts listed above so you can ensure you have the best maternity photos possible.


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