The Mistakes We Make While Making a Home Cinema

Published On July 2, 2018 | By admin | Technology

Let’s admit it that when it comes to making a home cinema, most people are amateurs. Most of you might not have built up a single home cinema till this stage of your life, a few might have built one,and a very small number of you were luck enough to make more than one. So, after you make one, and if it is not as perfect as it should have been, you go on blaming the items you have used in the home cinema rather thanputting the blame on you, but the truth is that you are the one who should be blamed. Let’s concentrate on a few designs where you commonly make mistakes while making a home cinema.

  • Room Selection: This is a common mistake that people try to select a square room for their home cinema, but that wouldn’t suit right with the sound. The bass waves don’t play accurately on a square room. You should rather choose a rectangle room.
  • Keeping your Speakers: Some people buy cheap speakers and subwoofers and not only that, they try to hide their speakers behind a cabinet or behind plants, well with the cost of cabinets and plants they could easily get the better sound system. You should have seen that in theaters which plays THX Dolby, they never hide their speakers. The best a speaker can perform is in an open room, might be slightly elevated from the ground.
  • Furniture of Home Cinema: Many amateurs think that home cinema furniture isn’t part of a home cinema. The either buy cheap furniture which cheapens the experience of the home cinema, or they rearrange other home furniture for double use, but your home cinema needs specialized For example, you need home cinema seating arrangements such that it brings the ultimate of a home cinema.

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