Top Guide for a Cross Country Trip

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You have your friends in on the plan, you have the RV rental in sight, you have the money set aside, but what you may not have, is the itinerary for the perfect cross country road trip. Don’t stress about it, we have you covered.

Why Not Try a Theme?

There are so many different ways to travel across the U.S and it can be hard to know how to map out your trip. An idea that could make it fun and also help you to determine where you will stop and enjoy different places is to plan your cross country trip according to a theme.

Beach Destinations

Set aside some time for this one. To be able to visit the beaches that are spread across the U.S, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of time to enjoy them. There is a lot of land to cross, but the result will be worth it. From California’s favorites, such as Stinson Beach, Big Sur, Coronado, and Malibu to South Padre Island in Texas, and on to some of the most gorgeous waters found in South Florida, from South Beach to the Keys, you will get that color you want. After some time spent in the exotic beaches in Florida, go on up to the coast of South and North Carolina, visiting spots like Myrtle Beach, then on up to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and finally ending at Cape May, New Jersey.

National Parks

If there is one thing that the U.S has that we should be proud of, it is the abundance of breathtaking national parks. For those who love hiking and being in wildlife, a national park cross country trip is the plan that road trip dreams are made of. From Acadia National Park in Maine with beautiful lakes, magnificent forests, and gorgeous views, then on to the Great Smoky Mountains with it’s incredible vegetation, amazing hiking trails, and abundance of wildlife in Tennessee and North Carolina, this is only the beginning.

As you continue on your trip, you will want to go to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and Yellowstone in Idaho and Montana. But, don’t stop yet, keep traveling towards Yosemite National Park in California and end your road trip in Olympic National Park in Washington with glorious mountains and beautiful forests. This is the ideal road trip for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Famous Cities

The U.S is home to some of the most interesting cities in the world and a cross country trip with the most famous cities on the itinerary will be a fun one. Seattle, Washington is not only a city that is the backdrop for many a movie, but it is a lively and captivating place. San Francisco deserves to be visited at least once, because it has not only gorgeous views and excellent weather, but the city is like none other and will make you want to stay.

Las Vegas, Nevada may be next on your list, before you head to Austin, Texas, New Orleans, with stops in Memphis, Tennessee, and Nashville, Kentucky, with a stop in Chicago, Illinois, and finally rewarding yourself with time spent in an all-time favorite, New York City, New York.

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