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First, some jargon in the world of web design Berkshire and beyond: UX is User Experience. This is essentially how the user interacts with a website, how they feel and react to it.

Web design Berkshire experts appreciate that user experience isn’t about pretty colours or efficient menus.

It’s actually a complex process that has been learned and developed. Experience plays a vital part in optimising the entire visitor event.

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  • Will the functionality hamper the user experience?
  • Are the colours glaring and fonts unattractive? (Colours inspire emotions.)
  • Are downloads frustratingly slow and the images of a poor quality?
  • Is the content easy to read and understand?
  • Is the content relevant to the client’s search?
  • Does the navigation through the website seem quick, easy and rewarding?
  • Is excellent customer service achieved via the site?
  • Can searchers reach their goals?
  • Will the website help to build relationships or send potential clients to a competitor?

Let’s use Google as an example of better search capabilities, their UX and responsiveness. (Other search engines are available.)

Search responses on this search engine have been worked on by UX designers so that Google know they are offering the best experiences with accurate and quick action.

A search term like Brexit produces 137 million responses within 0.34 seconds so this is excellent.

Who’d want to wait for a minute or two for their list of articles and websites to appear?

A search for artists in Reading finds 148 million results but will this search deliver results of the establishments’ opening hours and only the premises within five miles of the searchers location?

You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Since earlier this year UX sensitive web designers have rolled out developments in Google’s local search results.

These results can be refined and the complexity of the search increased which means the user is far more likely to get the exact match to their search request.

If there is a search for web design Berkshire the results are presented within 0.62 seconds and there are 1340000 results. Refinement is an excellent UX tool.

Searches can be made more complex by using the within 5 miles/open now/top rated options, say for Reading or Newbury.

Reviews and star ratings will appear with these results to inform users about the service provider or establishment.

This adds to the UX because quick decision making is more likely.

It’s not just huge firms who are actively improving UX, any web design Berkshire experts like The Wysi Partnership look to each and every project they work on with user experience as a top priority.

A simple illustration through colour and people’s reaction to it is that yellow is happy and calming whilst blue inspires trust. Red increases appetite or urgency.

A funeral director with a yellow toned website will deliver confusing signals.

Web design Berkshire experts know this is a mistake.

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