What Is the Future of a Career in the IT Industry?

Published On July 3, 2017 | By admin | Web Development

The IT industry is a regularly pivoting industry. The minute you seem confident about becoming the master of one skill, another skill comes in demand. If you are currently working in the IT industry or are planning to work in the industry, you should know the endless possibilities the future in this industry entails for you.

With this constantly innovating industry, tons of IT careers keep coming up on a day to day basis. Many new technologies are surfacing on a daily basis. Research in the IT industry is an ongoing process and will continue to happen long after you are gone. So, the future of a career in this industry can be looked at in two perspectives:

Future of a Career for Freshers

Freshers who are just starting in this industry have endless possibilities. As you are a fresher, you have been just exposed to the basics. You would have basic programming skills and even if you don’t you can excel in IT. You would have theoretical knowledge of what is taught in college, but you have to know that the industry is very different from your academic life.

If you are just starting out in this industry i.e. you could have gotten placed in a company during campus placements or are still looking for job opportunities, you need to make sure you keep yourself updated with all the information that is out there. What are the technologies that have future? What technologies are now redundant? You should have an answer for each and every one of those questions.

Currently, the requirement for skilled people in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Science, Data Science, Big Data and Analytics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, etc. is growing at an exponential rate. Therefore, if you get yourself skilled in any of the above mentioned skills, nothing can stop you from getting a six figure salary job.

Future of a Career for Working Individuals

Even if you aren’t currently skilled in the technologies mentioned above,work your way towards these skills. But remember that every day old jobs are getting eaten by advancements in AI and Machine Learning.Therefore, you need to get yourself skilled in the above technologies if you want a future in the IT industry.

If you find the above mentioned skills a little difficult, you can always switch to a management career in the IT industry, which is also very promising. IT is a growing industry and it would keep on growing for generations to come. New and innovative technologies would keep on surfacing and skilled people would be needed at every step of the way. You just need to get yourself skilled enough to show the recruiters that you have potential.

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