Who Is the Carbon Trust?

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It is a non-profit independent organisation that was established in London in 2001 to help clients to reduce their carbon emissions, also known as carbon footprints, and to ensure maximum levels of energy efficiency.

The trust wants sustainable and low carbon energy to be adopted for the benefit of the planet. When a company meets The Carbon Trust’s criteria it is permitted to hold Carbon Trust accreditation.

The Carbon Trust has offices around the world.

The current CEO is Tom Delay, who previously worked for Shell, the chairman is James Smith.

These organisations are among the many who have achieved low carbon footprint products or premises and are Carbon Trust accredited:

  • AkzoNobel
  • LED By Vision
  • Sky
  • Aldi
  • Bupa
  • Creditsuisse
  • The Scottish Government

Since 2013 the trust has also had a water standard and a waste standard, AkzoNobel was one of the first organisations to earn all three standards. 

Why is it good to be Carbon Trust accredited?

Clients can see that you are taking your corporate responsibility to the planet seriously and that you are monitoring carbon emissions and energy consumption year on year.

For example, LED By Vision produce commercial outdoor lighting and industrial LED lighting which reduces the energy usage considerably when compared to other products on the market. The reductions are financially and ecologically beneficial.

Consultations with clients include advice on how to be more energy efficient and how to reduce the carbon footprint. The products don’t work in an inferior manner, they are of the highest quality but don’t harm the environment.

What is the Carbon Trust Label?

This is a label earned by product designers that they can attach to the item to confirm the carbon footprint data. There is also a Carbon Trust Reduction label, this is a sign that the manufacturer will lessen their carbon footprint every two years.

Since its 2015 launch the Carbon Trust Supply Chain Standard measures the carbon footprints across the supply chain. It is the world’s first independent certification for organisations that are measuring, managing and reducing emissions.

Where can I find Carbon Trust accredited supplier?

The Carbon Trust accredited companies are listed in an online directory. Companies who are Carbon Trust accredited are proud to be so. They will readily advertise that they conform to standards and products will be labelled.

Give me some examples of Carbon Trust accredited products.

Using LED By Vision as an example again, their lighting range is designed for optimum performance but low emissions.

These are examples of their interior LED lighting product savings:

Tube lighting: Up to 65%.

Tri-lights: Up to 85%.

E14 Candle lamp: Up to 90%.

Commercial outdoor lighting:

80 Watt floodlight: Up to 85%.

20 Watt compact floodlight: Up to 85%.

As you can see, the savings are substantial and so the firm has been accredited by The Carbon Trust. These products significantly reduce the negative impact delivered by alternative lighting.

To ensure a low carbon footprint for your enterprise please contact LED by Vision today.

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