Why Does Your Washing Machine Produce Weird Noises?

Published On July 28, 2018 | By admin | Technology

Sometimes, the washing machine suddenly starts making strange noise while performing its function. This can leave one anxious as he/she may not know what’s happening with the machine. One should not take these noises lightly, as they can even develop into major faults later. This can cause expensive damage to your machine.

The good part is that not all noises are damaging to your machine. It is important to find out which noises are harmful for your machine and which machines can be ignored. We are here providing you the list of common noises made by your washing machine.  

Noise due to trapped coins

Trapped coins inside the machine can make terrible noises. A tiny coin is enough to produce awful noise that can just not irritate people but also can ruin the machine. All you need to do is to drain your machine, and then tip it back and forth. When the coin falls into the tub, you can pick it up. Whirlpool washing machines are known to provide long lasting efficiency and performance to its users.

Scraping noise

This type of noise is produced at the time of turning the machine drum by hand. To deal with this noise, it is best to call a skilled repair man. A comprehensive evaluation done by them would help in eliminating this noise. LG is one of the most leading washing machine brands in the market.


This type of noise happens when the machine performs spinning function. A little bit noise is normal at the time of spinning function, but if your machine makes unbearable sound, then you need to get it checked quickly. In most of the cases, this problem happens due to a damaged drum.

You can check the cause of the noise on your own. One of the ways is to test the machine by spinning the drum using your hand. If you find it noisy, then the bearings of the machine require replacement.

Another way to test the issue is to raise the drum from rear end of the top portion of the door. If the drum moves vertically without any resistance, then the chances are that the bearings are damaged. CompareRaja is one of the trusted price comparison websites to compare a wide range of electronic products easily.  

How should you check the cause behind the noise?

To perform troubleshooting of your machine, it is recommended to follow below steps.

  • Switch off your washing machine. Unplug it from the power supply. Follow the instructions provided in the manual.
  • Evaluate the drum and the rubber door seal. This is the place where coins, hooks, and hair grips get stuck.
  • Thorough check the lint filter as some of the loosely held items in the washing machine can settle there.
  • Now as per the noise you are getting, you can check the individual section of the machine.


Deciphering the sounds made by your machine sooner would help you take preventive measures quickly and save yourself from severe damages. Taking assistance of a qualified service professional will be beneficial in resolving these issues effectively.

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